Love In

How do you get expect customers to love your idea or your product if you don’t love it yourself?

Is success measured in profits and market share? Is innovation measured in patents filed and “most innovative” lists? Maybe. I argue that none of that really matters if your customers don’t love your product.

Who’s responsible if customers don’t love your product? Everybody. Product development involves so many people and so many steps from concept to production. At each stage, it’s important that the team working on the product finds what there is to love about it, holds that idea with utmost importance, and passes it along when a new team member takes over for the next step. Put love in, pass the love as you pass the product along its development path, and you’ll get love from your customers out the other side.


If you want to increase love for your product, then measure love. Don’t just measure it at the end, measure it at every step along the way. If it matters to everyone on your team, that they’re building a product people love, then that’s what you will get out of the process.

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