Katrika Morris VR

Katrika Morris

Designer / Constructive disruptionist

I’m a designer and tech optimist who believes that people and machines are better together. I’m interested in how we can use new technologies to amplify the things that make us uniquely human.

I genuinely believe that technology can make us more creative, provide us with freedom, and amplify our intellectual capacity, health, and general well being.

I’ve spent the last 3 years as an entrepreneur, building on the idea that technology can make people more creative. I co-founded the augmented reality company Moatboat. Moatboat allows everyday people to become creators of dynamic, immersive worlds in AR and VR, simply by using their voice.

Technology can redefine the way we communicate ideas. I was a Principal Designer at Microsoft, running design teams for innovative lab groups. Our projects focused on how technology can transform the way we read, write, and tell stories. These projects redefined modern content in a way that is more multi-sensory, immersive, and participatory than the books and documents of our paper-based past.

One of my biggest fascinations is the intersection of technology and the real world. How do you design experiences that use physical space and interactions but with digital rules and capabilities? This comes from my education and experience as an industrial designer and is what ultimately led me to work in AR and VR. If you have a product that’s looking to combine physical and digital design thinking, I’m in :)

I’ve lived in more countries than Carmen Sandiego but currently reside in sunny San Francisco where you can generally find me blissfully running through the forest.