Moat Boat - Sheep and Wolves


A virtual reality and augmented reality experience where whatever you say happens. Simply say your ideas out loud, and they start to come to life. Use your voice to add characters, actions, and objects. Create and share your ideas with others.

Love In

Love In

A manifesto about love and innovation.  How do you make products that people love?  You have to put love into the creation process.  Not just hard work or innovative ideas, you have to put love into the process.  If you don't love the product you are making, how can you expect anyone else to love it?  That love isn't just required in the initial process, it needs to be passed on to every single person who touches that product along the way.  Love in, love out.

The Rooftop Aviary - Supersonic Hearing

The Rooftop Aviary

A collection of nonsensical sketches that make me happy, and might (if we are both lucky) make you happy too.  Whenever a beautifully light and delightful idea flutters across my mind, I attempt to capture it, even if just for a moment, and place it on paper.

Future of Reading

Reading beyond paper

An exploration into the potential of reading when content is no longer constrained to paper.  Books used to be a representation of a final idea, but what idea is final?  Ideas shouldn't be confined to the pages of a book, they should be be shared, copied, added to, and improved upon.  What would reading look like if it flowed into and out of pages freely?  If reading content was celebrated and respected, but not treated so preciously?  What is the potential of reading, beyond paper?


Four By Design

A grassroots speaking series that I founded, designed and ran.  Four by Design was a series of talks by designers, for designers.  It featured everyday designers, talking about the things that they are most passionate about, in order to inspire their peers.  The world is full of amazing, rock star designers who share their wisdom, but it is often our peers who are our most inspiring influences.

Best Day Ever

Best Day Ever

We think of our best day ever as an epic event, a once in a lifetime day.  The reality, according to real world tweets, is that the the simplest unexpected delights can constitute the best day ever.  I wanted to celebrate this idea with an app of #BestDayEver tweets.